Thursday, February 28, 2013

Exciting stuff.

Ha. The title of this entry fooled you into reading the blog didn't it? Well now you have started and can't stop, so sorry if it is disappointing. This week has been happily atrocious. Doesn't really make sense does it? We'll start with the negative things.
  1. Brandon is sick
  2. Spanish test today
  3. Adult development test on Friday
  4. We still have 8 days until we leave for Disneyland
  5. I haven't had time to read my book at all this week
  6. I had a meltdown yesterday about how much I currently dislike my job and want to do something different
  7. It is still freezing cold here, and I am more than ready for it to warm up and for the snow to melt.
So all of those things have been super sucky. But good things have come of them all! Okay, mostly all of them.

  1. Due to Brandon's sickness we have left the house twice this week in our sweats to go get ice cream. We never leave the house in sweats. And we have been watching lots of t.v., so that's nice!
  2. Spanish still sucks, that will never change.
  3. My adult development test will be easy, so that is alright.
  4. At least we are going to Disneyland
  5. Still bad.
6 and 7 are kind of combined. I decided yesterday that there is no way I can handle working 40 hours a week at the library this summer. I decided to maybe look for another part time job. But then I started thinking about an internship somewhere outside of Utah. Brandon isn't really taking initiative to look for an internship for himself, and no one offers internships for Human Development majors, but I decided to branch out and apply for some anyways. I have found quite a few that I am interested in, but I have only applied for one so far. It is a publicity internship with Pixar! I know that I am limited because I am not a business or PR major, but it is something that I feel I would like and would be good at. I would really love to find an internship with a publishing company or with Disney or Universal or something like that, but we will see!

In other news, today I am wearing my Harry Potter shirt for good luck for my test. I can't wait until school ends. I decided that every summer I am going to reread the Harry Potter books, and I seriously can't wait to be able to do that! I might even make a paper chain to count down the days. I love paper chains!

Also my birthday is on Sunday.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So yesterday I started this book called Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield. It is a memoir about music and his wife who died. They got married when they were 25 and both knew they were crazy, because who gets married that young right? Wrong, obviously. More and more people are getting married younger lately, even people who aren't from Utah (surprisingly). I haven't had a lot of personal experience with people telling me that getting married so young was a mistake, but I do know that some of my friends have had this problem. I found this little section in my book, when the couple were deciding to get married and kinda just wanted to share it. Mr. Sheffield and his little wifey had a good way of sticking it to the man.

"We were just a couple of fallen angels, rolling the dice of our lives. We'd heard all the horror stories of early marriages and fast divorces and broken hearts. But we knew none of them would happen to us, because as Dexy's Midnight Runners sang to Eileen, we were far too young and clever. What if we just decide not to fall apart? What if we decide not to wait and see what happens, but instead decide what we want to happen and then decide how to make it happen? Like Burt Reynolds says to Jerry Reed in Smokey and the Bandit, 'We ain't never not made it before, have we?'"

It's going to be a long day.

Happy Wednesday!! I can't believe we are already halfway through the week. Not having class on Monday has made for a great week so far. Plus I only had two of my four classes yesterday, so that was really nice. Today though, I have all four classes, and for some reason that really drags out the day. On top of that, I only got about five hours of sleep last night. I didn't fall asleep until midnight, so when the alarm went off at 5:30 it was super hard to get out of bed. Yesterday morning the alarm didn't go off, so we didn't end up getting out of bed until 6:00, and it was a good thing that I woke up when I did. Somehow I still made it to work at 7:00, but today, even though we were up earlier (only by like 15 minutes by the time we actually got out of bed) I was six minutes late to work. Hopefully this isn't a pattern that is starting! Luckily no one in their right mind is at the library at 7 am, and my boss doesn't really mind if I am late anyways.
Also luckily, if this is just meant to be a bad week at least I don't have assignments to do. I had two assignments due this week and I finished them last week and turned them in, so this week a a week for book reading! I am super excited. I read about 12 books last semester and so far this semester I have only read one. I feel like a slacker, so I am trying to make up for that this week.
This last weekend was pretty great! Friday night we stopped at Taco Bell for dinner, watched Robot & Frank, and The Breakup, and went to bed at a pretty decent time. Saturday we spent all day out on the town shopping. We literally shopped until we dropped, because around 4:00 we went home and took a nap for two hours. That night we went to dinner with Brandon's fam. Sunday we cleaned the house then went out to try on running shoes, because I am asking for some for my birthday! That night we went to dinner at Brandon's parents' house and stayed for games and dessert. We played a super fun game that I want to teach my family how to play. It is quick and easy!
Monday Brandon had to work, so I woke up, did the laundry, cleaned up the house a little bit, watched a TON of The Office, and then Brandon's mom took me out to redeem a gift certificate she gave me last year for my birthday. It was to a place called Beadles, where you can go and pick out beads and such to make your own jewelry. I ended up making eight pairs of earrings and a necklace.

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Sorry, I can't get the pictures to go in the center of the page. Anyways I am pretty excited. I got 5 new shirts and 2 skirts on Saturday, so it is nice to have jewelry to go with it! Brandon told me the other day that he can see that my style is changing, it is becoming more grown up and kinda professional. Except not today, because today I am tired so I'm wearing my fat jeans, mocassins, and a hoodie. Stickin it to the man.

Tonight is pancake night, tomorrow night we have to pack, and then Friday we are heading to Idaho Falls for my cousin Dylan's mission farewell. I can't believe that two of my favorite cousins will be in completely different places soon! Not only that, but my cousin Ethan is taking some crazy road trip soon that is going to take him all over the place! I don't know the details, but it sounds like a ton of fun. I am excited for all of these people that get to go new places and experience new things. I can't wait for when that time comes for me and Brandon! 11 more months.

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Twice in one week? What?

Okay fambam. Here's the deal. I have been sitting in a chair at the library for six hours. SIX WHOLE HOURS. What, might you ask, have I accomplished in these six hours? Welp, besides a quiz that took all of three minutes and filing some papers that took maybe 45 minutes, mostly I have accomplished a whole lot of nothing. Want to know what I have been doing? Of course you do, that's why you are reading my blog. Or maybe, like me, you are bored out of your mind but are so incredibly comfortable where you are sitting that this is the most productive thing you can do without employing any effort.

--I have been shopping for Disney shirts.

My friend Alycia has the cutest Mickey shirt, which she has agreed to let me borrow, but I have been on the hunt for my own cute Mickey shirt and guess how many I have found. One. And guess how much it costs? Too much. My dreams of having my very own cute Mickey shirt hanging in my closet have been shattered.

I have good news though. Today is Valentine's Day!! And I have the best Valentine of all! (Don't let that hurt your feelings, it really is true. Brandon is the best.) I woke up this morning when the alarm went off, which in itself meant it was going to be a good day, and went and hopped in the shower, also a sign of a good day. I kept hearing a bunch of thudding and the first thing that came to mind was that someone was in my house murdering Brandon (give me a break, it was early, I was tired). And I would have been really upset if that was happening, because today is a special day, ya know? Well I get out of the shower and Brandon is alive and well, shaving his handsome face, and Sophie is sitting outside the bathroom door staring at me and meowing her little head off. So I follow her into the bedroom thinking she just needs a drink of water of something, and look what I found on my night stand!!
Photo: Do I have the best Valentine ever or what?


Best ever right? Roses, a balloon, Twizzlers, brownie bites, Milk Duds, Chocolate Milk, a Mickey card, and a gift card to Costa Vida! You know what this means right? I am getting fat today. Yes I am. I drank my chocolate milk with lunch, we are going to Costa for dinner, then we are going to see Safe Haven where we are getting popcorn and a drink (thanks to Gram and Gramps C. for the Valentine's card and moolah), and will probably end the night with a dozen one or two brownie bites. I hope everyone is having as wonderful of Valentine's Day as I am. But I hope it is not about to get ruined by going to class for three hours, like mine will be. Seriously, how fun is it to sit in a class for 75 minutes where you have to actually think to listen? Don't get me wrong, I like thinking, but I also like thinking in English. Anyways, happy love day!

Monday, February 11, 2013


Finally, finally, finally the crazy weeks are over! The past three weeks have been insane, to say the least. Brandon and I have both had about two tests each week, and an overflow of papers and assignments to do. Thankfully, the tests are passed, the papers are done, and we will (hopefully) have some down time this week to enjoy each others company. Brandon still has a test in his second class today, and I have an in-class paper to write tomorrow, but the rest of the week is completely open, so we are pretty excited!

Unfortunately, we are pretty much already in vacation mode. We leave for Disneyland in 25 days, 6 hours, and 24 minutes, and yes, we are counting down the days. Our little paper chain is starting to get so small!! We/I have also already started looking into planning our vacation to New York for Christmas...can anyone tell we have a bad case of senioritis already? And pretty much every day we talk about how excited we are to graduate and move somewhere new for grad school. We are getting pretty antsy here in the daily routine. Once summer comes I'm sure it will be better, but because it is so cold outside we always just shut ourselves in the living room and watch movies.

This past weekend was pretty great! We went to dinner with Brandon's brother James and his girlfriend Candis on Friday night to a super authentic Mexican restaurant. You know the kind, super sketchy, but the food is amazing, and then you end up taking all your friends there because you feel like you have discovered a hidden gem? We didn't exactly discover it, I guess, because it was packed that night, but it was tasty nonetheless! After that we went home and watched Here Comes the Boom. It was pretty funny, but I fell asleep, so we finished it the next morning. Saturday afternoon we went and saw Identity Thief. I laughed through the entire movie! We went home for a little bit, then left the house again to go to Costa for dinner. After that, I went to a bachelorette party, and Brandon played video games and finally conquered Uncharted 3. Needless to say, he was pretty proud. Then yesterday we woke up around 10:30, I worked 12-6:00, then we went to have a birthday celebration with his family. I seriously don't even know where the weekend went. My six hour shift yesterday felt like it was only 2 hours, which is great, but I am afraid this whole week won't fly by like that.

Valentine's day is Thursday and this year it is a surprise! Kind of. I am pretty sure Brandon is taking me to see Safe Haven, and he said that dinner is involved, which, let's be real, is probably going to end up being Costa Vida. I wanted to buy him some clothes for Valentine's Day but he is specific with how his clothes fit so I want to take him shopping sometime this week.

After writing all of this, I realize why I don't blog too often: I'm boring. Have a happy Monday!