Thursday, October 27, 2011

A quick little update.

Hello everyone!! All is well here in the Robbins household (still weird to say,) and nothing too exciting is happening. Probably the most exciting this that has and will happened this whole week happened last night, and I felt the need to share it. So last week we were making dinner/boiling water for dinner. It boiled over and spilled under the burner onto the tin foil that is covering the...whatever is being covered. Well, we didn't clean it. So last night I was making dinner, again, boiling water, but it started to get pretty smoky. I calmly asked Brandon to come into the kitchen, and I moved the pot to a different burner and turned off the one I had been using before. As i turned off the first burner, IT CAUGHT ON FIRE!!! Well, the foil did, but nevertheless, i freaked out. This time, not calmly, I yelled at Brandon to come in the kitchen. I got a cup of water and he poured it on the burner and all was well. Except the smell of smoke that lingered for a few minutes. We turned on the fan and lit some candles and returned to what we were doing. Then the doorbell rang and Brandon opened the door before I had a chance to get Sophie and lock her up. It was the home teachers, but Sophie kept trying to sneak around Brandon's legs, so I whispered yelled at him and he told the home teachers that he had to take dinner off the stove real fast. He locked Sophie up and we chatted for a minute but gee whiz. What a crazy five minutes. No joke, this had all happened in about five minutes. The home teachers left, we let Sophie out and everything was fine again. Sophie almost lit herself on fire because she saw the candle and thought "hey, that looks neat! I should put my face real close to it and see what it is!" She is an idiot. Luckily I saved her before she could burn her cute little face :)

Last weekend was fall break, so Brandon and I drove to Boise to spend the weekend with my family! It was so much fun! We didn't do much, but that was exactly what we needed. Now that we are back at school, we can't wait to have another break!

Oh, and we are getting internet!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH NETFLIX! and school stuff. whatever.

That is pretty much all that is new here! Maybe I will post again sometime soon. Like in a few weeks.