Tuesday, February 24, 2015

December. January. February.

You would think that, at some point during the 37.5 hours I sit in front of the computer, I would find even just a few minutes to type something up for the blog. I have plenty of time, but honestly nothing that exciting has happened since Christmas, so we'll start there.

We made the long journey from Boise to Orlando to spend Christmas in Disney World and Universal Studios with our best friends Alyssa, Jake, Mickey, and Harry Potter. We had the absolute best time riding rides, seeing the sights, drinking butterbeer, eating all the many different pretzels, and playing Heads Up while we stood in line. It was so fun to spend six straight days with our friends not worrying about work or anything else, and eating ourselves silly (that was obviously our favorite part). My favorite part from our days at Disney World was eating at Be Our Guest (a.k.a the Beast's castle from Beauty and the Beast) on Christmas. The whole place was decorated for Christmas, and the servers always referred to the Beast as Master. The main courses were great, but we ended up ordering six desserts and splitting all of them; it was heavenly. My favorite part from Universal Studios, was the second night when the guys went to go ride a roller coaster, and Alyssa and I went back to Wizarding World, drank butterbeer, and sat on the streets of Diagon Alley to watch a play performance about the Deathly Hallows. In that moment, I felt like I really was a part of the wizarding world and I probably could have died right then and been perfectly happy with my life.

Jump ahead to January. Brandon and I had a long weekend a couple weeks into January, so we invited Alyssa and Jake up to spend the weekend with us. We had a fun couple days playing games, eating food (our specialty, it seems), and just bonding. The lease for our apartment ended January 31, so a few days before the end of the month we signed another lease and now have an end date of July 1st.

February brought warmer weather and lots of sunshine, and it has been great! Brandon and I made a whole weekend out of Valentine's Day, starting with The Melting Pot on Thursday night, Coldstone Friday, crepes, a movie, and costa vida on Saturday, and a heart shaped pizza on Sunday. Brandon had taken Saturday off so we could spend the day together, and it was so nice! I had work off that Monday for President's Day, so I read, played piano, and then had dinner with my parents that night. Then this last weekend Brandon had the whole weekend off so we could go to Idaho Falls for my cousin's mission homecoming. It was so nice to see all my extended family and spend time with my cousins! This coming weekend, Brandon has the whole weekend off again so we can go to Logan. It has been a while, so we figured we should make a trip down south to see everyone.

I have been putting in quite a few hours at my old job at the counseling office. They hired a new person, so I have been training her for the past three weeks, but then I got a call on Friday saying that she was no longer available for the position. They brought in a temp so answer phones and do the scheduling during the day, so I had to train the temp yesterday, and will be going in in the afternoons to do billing and answer phones for a while. It won't be too bad really, but this week I am working from 7-4 at the school so I can make up for the hours I will be missing on Friday during the in-service, so yesterday I worked from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm. Takes me back to the library days at Utah State!

In other news, my birthday is a week from today. I can't really comprehend the fact that I'm going to be 24. I still feel like I'm 20! The other day my grandma told me that I'm no spring chicken anymore, and I'm slowly accepting it. The librarian's birthday is the day before mine, so this morning I made a banner and am having students and staff sign it for her. I do love celebrating other people's birthdays and going all out for them, but I have a hard time with my own! Here's to the last week of being 23!