Monday, August 29, 2011

Life goes on as if nothing as changed...

The title explains exactly how I am feeling right now. Does my life not realize that I am married now??? I am not terribly excited about being back at school; I would much rather spend time with my new husband :)

It has been a busy, wonderful past two weeks, so I felt the need to blog and tell you all about it. Let's start with Friday, August 19th. My family had come down to Logan the night before and came over to check out mine and Brandon's apartment and meet my kitty and catch up on life. I always love having my family visit us in Logan, because it is just something different, and I get to show them how life is here! So on Friday, I went to the hotel and had breakfast with them, then we did some wedding prep which included buying food (my dad is the worst person to grocery shop with, he wants to buy everything), unloading chairs and tables, and setting up for the rehearsal dinner/PBB (post-baptism bash). We then headed back to our apartment to receive a brand new washer and dryer from my parents as a wedding gift!
Before I knew it, it was time for the baptism!! I was baptized in the Logan Tabernacle, it is such a beautiful building. The program was held in a teeny room though, so it was way different than what I was used to. Most of my family and many close friends were in attendance, along with some people that I did not know...I wasn't really too pleased about that, but it's okay. Shawn gave a talk on baptism, then I was baptized by Brandon. Following that, Alyssa gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, then I was confirmed a member of the Church by Brandon's dad! After the baptism, we headed back to the Robbins' residence for a dinner catered by Costa Vida (yummmmmm), then kicked out the rest of the family so we could hold the rehearsal dinner. That may have been the most stressful part of the day, if you can believe it. And Brandon and I were so close to dancing down the aisle to Katy Perry's "E.T." We headed back to the apartment to clean up a bit and then Brandon left me to have an early night to get a good night's rest.
It was not a good night. I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, and didn't have anywhere to be until 9:30 or 10:00 that day. I was not happy, but I got some cleaning and packing done, which is always helpful. April and I had breakfast with the family, then headed up to the Robbins' house once again so we could start decorating for the festivities. Surprisingly, we were only there decorating for 3 hours. Afterwards, I went to lunch with my 3 bridesmaids, and a former roommate. During all of the setting up, Brandon was either inside or hanging out with James. We decided to follow tradition and not see each other at all that day and let me tell you, it sucked. But it was all worth it in the end. The backyard turned out beautifully, and everything went on without a hitch. Brandon, and of course all of the brothers and our dads, looked handsome in theirs tuxes. And our mom's looked beautiful and were so much help. The ceremony was great, but I honestly don't remember any of what President Pettit said. I was too busy just staring at Brandon, and trying not to get stung by a wasp. Immediately following the ceremony, we took pictures and guests helped set up for the reception. There was food served in between the two parts, but they mostly just trickled into one whole big shabang. We talked with many guests as they walked in, cut the cake, tossed the bouquet and the garter, and even sang the Dagger Man song to Brandon, but all I know is I was exhausted by the end.
We left his parents house around 9:15, and stayed in a hotel in Logan that night. Sunday morning, we went back to Brandon's parent's house around 11 and opened gifts with his family and mine. He and I then took the gifts back to our house and got them put away, then left for Salt Lake! Salt Lake was so much fun!! We did a ton of relaxing, but never got bored. We went shopping a lot, and saw Planet of the Apes! We came home Tuesday night and didn't slow down one bit. We went shopping some more, and set up more things in our apartment to make it feel more like home. Wednesday we were both back working at full force, and it definitely didn't slow down until yesterday. Saturday we went to Salt Lake for his grandparents' 50th anniversary celebration, then came home, cleaned, and went to a movie. Yesterday we finally had a day to relax before school started. A four hour nap was included in our long day of doing nothing and it was probably the best day I have had in...let's say nine days :)
Today is the first day of school, and we are both hitting it hard. Brandon worked from 8:00 this morning to 2:00 this afternoon, then is in class from 2:30 until 7:45. I went to class from 8:30 this morning and work until 8:30 tonight. Needless to say,this semester is probably going to kick our butts, but we have each other, and that is all that matters :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

From the very beginning...

Most of you probably know our story, but I feel inclined to share it, as this is the first post on the new blog :)

When I started work at the movie theater, I tended to work with all the same managers. One day while working, a guy named Max (who started the same day I did) came in to a movie with his super hot friend. All of my coworkers were talking to them, so I asked someone who the hot friend was (no, I did not use those exact words) and they told me he was a manager at the theater. Then, one glorious day in May, I finally got to work with Brandon. I thought he was so cute, and he was way funny, not to mention super flirtatious. After working with him a few times, we started texting. I always texted him first, but he always responded quickly. One day in June, we decided that we would start dating on a certain day (as a joke), but when that day came, I was headed home to Boise, so we called it off haha. From then on, he was always addressed as "best friend."

We continued texting, and one time I even made cookies for him since he let me go to a movie. One night, we were finally going to hang out, but he told me he had to go to Brigham City because his uncle got locked out. That, might I add, was not true. He later told me he was nervous because I was a sorority girl and we didn't know each other that well, but really I know it is because he was overwhelmed by how awesome I am :) Anyways. One night when my family was in town, Brandon asked me if I wanted to hang out, but I couldn't. Later that week though, while sitting in class one day, he texted me and asked if I wanted to go get food. So I, being the smitten girl I was, left class ten minutes early to go to Costa Vida with my manager....super weird, but hey he was cute, and everyone knows I can't say no to Costa. We sat at Costa Vida and talked for two hours, then continued to text long after that.

The next day, he asked me to go on a late night/overnight adventure with his brother and some friends up into the mountains. We couldn't leave until midnight because Brandon was working, and since I'm an old lady (no offense grandmas) and go to bed at like ten, I drank an energy drink at 11:30. We never did make it to our destination because of all the snow, but I was wired from my energy drink and not quite ready to go home at 12:45. So we went back to Brandon's house and he and I watched How to Train Your Dragon, and we can both proudly say that we watched the entire thing. We texted pretty much all day every day for the next two weeks, and hung out every chance we had. We didn't necessarily like each other, but we sure did enjoy each other's company. On November 11, we went for a drive up into the canyon, and had a long long talk. That night we talked about work, life, us dating, and scariest of all, marriage. We didn't talk specifically about marrying each other, just what we looked for in a future spouse, but after that talk, I knew I was going to marry him. We officially became boyfriend and girlfriend that night, and I was pretty much beside myself.

We had a lot of good times, and we definitely had our fair share of arguements, but he quickly became my best friend, and the only person I ever wanted to hang out with. I left Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations early just to get back to Logan so I could see him again, and put off homework (a lot) to spend time with him. But it still just seemed like we didn't actually like each other, we both just needed someone to hang out with.

Then January came. We experienced a time in our life together that I like to call "The Best Worst Weekend Ever." I won't go into details, but ever since then, things changed. We were actually dating because we liked each other. Then, a month later, we started talking about marriage, and two and a half months after that we were engaged. One time before we were engaged, Brandon asked if this summer was too early to get married, and at the time, it was far too early. We decided that summer of 2012 would be good. Then changed it to November of this year, and then six weeks ago we decided to move it up, and honestly that was one of the best decisions of my life. In eight days I get to marry my best friend, who started out in my life simply as the hot manager. I couldn't ask for anything more :)