Friday, October 26, 2012

Long time no blog

Well, I am still a lazy blogger. But you know what? That's okay, because I am taking 18 credits so I feel like its okay to be lazy every now and then. This week has been the busiest, most stressful week I probably will have all year. Looking back at everything, there really was no reason to stress, but I stressed so much that I got sick again, and I was just sick last week. I had two tests, two quizzes, a paper, a presentation, and two group project meetings to attend. Plus on top of that, I offered to model for my friend and that lasted three hours last night! However, that ended up being lots of fun. Here is a picture of my face from last night.

Kinda weird, but it looked really neat. Also I loved my eighties hair. My week is pretty much over though. I have one more group project left tonight right after work, and I told my group that we should only be there for like 40 minutes. I am way anti-school after 5:00 on Fridays.

Brandon finished one of his classes last week and ended with an A in the class! I am pretty proud, he is such a hard worker! Also, the nice thing is that before this class he had 88 credits, and once this class posts he will have 90 and that lets him register the same night as me! Its way great because now we only have to wake up at midnight to register once instead of twice. He is doing really well in all of his other classes too; he has a 407% in one of them! Bet you thought grades like that didn't exist huh? Well they do, for awesome people.

This weekend we are planning on just taking it easy. Pad Thai, Disney's The Haunted Mansion, and milkshakes tonight, Oil changes and corn maze tomorrow, then absolutely nothing on Sunday. I just want to sleep lots so I can not be sick anymore.

Last weekend was a pretty great one!! It was fall break for us which meant no classes on Friday, so Thursday at noon we busted out of this town and headed to Boise. We got there around 5:00 and went straight to Adrian's football game. It was so fun to see him playing for my old school; we even made him a sign! I tried to let only him see it so it wouldn't embarrass him, but his friend Tyson saw it and kept trying to point it out to every single kid on their team. We had dinner that night after the game and just hung out before we all went to bed. Friday everybody had school and work, so Brandon and I ran some errands, went and visited my uncle Matt, then went and toured BSU! I love their campus so much! They have lounge/cafe space in every single building that I feel really caters to the students. It gives you so many options of where to sit and hang out/study in between classes. Plus, who doesn't love the Smurf Turf right? That night we watched Rock of Ages and hung out more with the fam. Saturday, my dad, Adrian, and Brandon went hunting early in the morning, so my mom and I got up and went shopping and had a mini girls day. Anthony was taking the PSAT. When everybody got home, my dad, Brandon and I made SUPER tasty eclairs, then we all went out for Thai food for dinner! Sunday we went to Target with my parents, then hit the road. I always hate coming back to Logan, but it has to be done.

Here is a test to see if you are still/actually reading this:

Brandon asked that I insert a poll. Please leave your answer as a comment.

Where should Brandon and Caitlin attend grad school?
-Boise State University
-University of Georgia
-North Carolina State University
-University of North Carolina at Charlotte
-Utah State University

(Just a side note: if you vote for Utah State, your vote won't actually be counted)

Next week is a pretty tame week for both of us, which will be way nice. Then we are going to Idaho Falls and doing things Thanksgiving style minus the food. We always go to Idaho Falls for Thanksgiving and go to the mini bazaar and a movie, and since we are doing Thanksgiving in Boise this year, I still wanted to go to Idaho Falls and do those same things. I like tradition, what can I say.

Sophie is doing well; I'm sure you all were wondering. Since it is getting colder at night she is starting to sleep under the covers with us again. It is my absolute favorite thing. Brandon was borrowing this backpack, and Sophie loved it. One time, she crawled in it and Brandon carried her around on his back for like a good five or ten minutes. So dang cute.

There is a couple that moved into our same apartments that are getting married next month. They are both 22, and we love them! We have had them over for Wednesday night pancakes, played games, and the girl and I talk quite a bit during the week! It is nice to have some friends that live so close!

Well, today is my day of relaxation, so I am going to go read! I found the book The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel today, and my mom said my Grandma loved the movie, so I am starting on that! Have a great weekend!