Monday, October 20, 2014

The thing I miss the most.

When Brandon and I first moved to Boise, people would ask us if we missed Logan. And at first we did a bit, because it was our home for a long time, and we missed the familiarity of it. There are definitely still certain things we miss about it, but we have done a good job of making Boise are home, and after a few months here we felt settled and let ourselves fall in love with it (not that I ever fell out of love with it, but I love it way more now than I did when I lived here before).

Being back here with my family, after they have lived here for 14 years, it seems like everywhere they go they see somebody they know, they have friends they hang out with regularly, and they have specific things they like to do. Brandon and I are slowly developing that list of things we like to do often, but we are still lacking in the friend department. When we lived in Logan, we had that life where we would see someone we knew basically anywhere we went. Our coworkers weren't just coworkers, they were friends, people we could hang out with outside of work and have a genuinely good time with. We had traditions with friends, friends we saw multiple times in a week, or friends that we only saw a few times a month but each visit was just as special as our time with other friends.

Honestly it kind of breaks my heart to think that we left all that. I mean everyone has to move on at some point, but I am getting to the point where I have been friends with some of these people for five years, and that seems like a really long time. It makes me sad to think that there is a possibility that in another five years the only connection we will have with these people will be Christmas cards. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a hard time with losing people, but I have learned that it just happens, and while it is sad, eventually everything is always okay.

This isn't supposed to be a sad post. It is just something I have been thinking about the past few days. I just am super appreciative of the friends I have had in my life, especially those Brandon and I will be seeing this weekend when we go to Logan. Seriously guys, our living room floor is always open.