Monday, April 27, 2015


At noon today we have a walk-through of our house with the superintendent to go over any last minute things that need touched up or fixed. It is currently 10:22, meaning I have been at work for almost three hours, and I am DYING. I mean, it's always more fun to not be at work than it is to actually be at work, but we are getting so close to the move in date and I am tired of waiting. We went to the house Friday and Saturday this weekend, and now today. We close a week from tomorrow. Our closing date was roughly 50 days from when we put in our offer. It has gone way faster than I thought it would, but I don't want to wait anymore!

We started packing last week (finally), and Brandon is being super nice and putting up with all my neurotic list making. I like to make the lists so I feel like I'm actually doing things when there really isn't that much left to do. And luckily for us, we are going out of town this next weekend, otherwise we would just sit around and twiddle our thumbs until Tuesday came. Essentially, this whole house buying process has really been testing my patience (both in ways mentioned above and just the whole process in general. i am never buying a house ever again).

Really though, I feel like this whole past year has tested us. We were both so excited to move to Boise last year and finally start what we considered "adult life," but I think we are just now feeling like we are getting there. When we first moved here, Brandon was working for Campsaver remotely and we were living with my parents. In May, he got his job with Microsoft, and was working part time for both places. In June, we moved into our own apartment and felt like we were getting back to adult life. In August I started a new job. In October, Brandon stopped working for Campsaver. In December, he was working almost full time for Microsoft; the holidays kept them busy. And then in January, he went back to part time hours. And then towards the end of February, they cut hours. Brandon applied for literally 7 jobs a day every single weekday since the day we moved here. We decided to start looking at houses, because apartments here are not as cheap as they are in Logan and we could pay the same amount for a mortgage. We put in the offer on our house, and then two weeks later the mother of all holy blessings, Brandon's job, was offered.

That was a long timeline that really probably nobody cares about, but after a year of job hopping and trying to figure out what to do with life and questioning literally every single decision made in our college career, I think we are finally at a point where we feel like we can really start to settle in. Up until Brandon was offered this job, we weren't even sure if we would be staying in Boise. We had hoped for that, but nothing was ever set in stone. I'm excited to move into our house and to start grad school and have Brandon settle more into his job and finally feel like our lives will settle down a little bit and we can fall back into a routine. We have been waiting for life to happen, and I think we're finally getting there.