Friday, December 19, 2014

Time is a strange thing.

Brandon and I had the weirdest realization the other day, one that, at some point or another, we thought would never come: we have officially been graduated for a whole year. A year ago, we took our last finals, and here we are, working full time and living in a completely different city. A year ago, I started a full time job at the library at Utah State, and now, I'm in a middle school library absolutely loving it.

Needless to say, we are pretty darn happy with our new lives here in Boise. I just can't believe that in another two and a half months we will have been here for a whole year! We feel like we are settling in a bit more, which is nice. I know I probably say that in every single post, but each time I say it I feel like it is true. We enjoy spending time in our cute little (literally) apartment, and have a few "regular" spots in Boise. It is nice being able to call such a great place home.

I talk about how much I love my job all the time, but seriously, I fall in love with it more and more every day. I am working on my application for grad school because I am hoping to start in August (for real this time) and I am so excited to add my experience at this job to my paper and interview. It has instilled so much more passion in me to work with students on a deeper level because you guys, the amount of potential these kids have and the light in their eyes for all things new and unexplored is incredible. I don't know at what point in life we lose that excitement, but these kids have helped me find it again, and I love them for it. It really is the best.

Some recent happenings:

--Brandon's parents, older brother and wife came to visit us last weekend and we had the best time! We ate tons of great, local food, showed them around Boise, and looked at a ton of Christmas lights. We hadn't seen them all since October, so it was really nice to spend time together and catch up.

--This is fairly unimportant, but Brandon and I have been working on a stupid Christmas puzzle for 19 days now. It is 1000 pieces and so. freaking. hard. My dad loves puzzles, and I always start out thinking that maybe the puzzle skills were passed down to me and have just been lying dormant and that this time they will arise, but guess what: it never happens. And not this time. Last Friday I literally fell asleep in the chair trying to work on it. So yeah, I hate puzzles.

--We still miss all our friends in Logan.

--Since we are leaving on Tuesday next week for our trip (four days!) and my parents are leaving for Hawaii on Monday, we are having Christmas this weekend. Saturday will be Christmas Eve, and Sunday will be our Christmas! It won't be the same being in Florida for Christmas, but we definitely will still have a great time!

--If you are ever basing your job off how much food is served around the holidays, I highly recommend working in a public school. I am pretty sure I have gained about six pounds this week from all the student gifts and faculty potluck. It's amazing.

Next post will be about our trip to Florida. Have a Merry Christmas!!!