Monday, April 22, 2013

Blah Blah Blah

The title of this post pretty much sums up how I feel about school right now. I am so incredibly tired of having to sit through classes to learn material I don't care about  and then having to write papers on other topics I don't care about. My motivation has tanked this past month. I had a 120% in one of my classes so I decided that I could skip class every Thursday, and while that might not have been the best for my grade, it sure kept me sane. Thursdays from about 3:00 to 4:45 have become my "me time" and when I get home I just play with Sophie, bake, clean, read, then go back up to campus to pick up Brandon. I have only skipped one other class twice (not including when we left for vacation), and one other one once. When you think about it the way I do it doesn't really sound so bad. Every week I attend class 16 times. Over the course of the semester, I attend about 230 classes. Skipping 10 classes really doesn't seem too terrible in comparison, right?

My weeks have settled down drastically. I had a busy few weeks for a while, but last week and this week have given me plenty of opportunities to relax. Unfortunately for Brandon, this week is a busy one for him. He had a presentation today, has two papers due this week, and has one final this week. Luckily though, he only has one final next week. I have four, but they won't be too bad. His birthday is next Saturday, so we invited some friends to go up to his parents cabin that Friday night for dinner, cake and ice cream, and to spend the night. So far not many people have responded as to whether or not they can go, but even if no one can, it will be a fun weekend! We will do that and probably go to dinner and a movie on his actual birthday.

Neither of us has heard back from the places we applied for internships, but we are hoping to hear back soon. I actually was just got a second job for the summer last week, so if the internships don't work out (which they probably won't, sadly) I won't be working forty hours a week at the library. Don't get me wrong, I love the library, but forty hours here with not much to do isn't as exhilarating as it might have initially sounded. My second job is at the Center for Persons with Disabilities working with the Up To 3 program. This program offers classes and resources to parents who have a child under the age of three with a developmental disability. My position will be watching siblings of the focus child, and sometimes the focus child, while these parents are in class. It is just ten hours a week, and will be a fun change!

This past weekend wasn't too exciting. We got to do a ton of relaxing, which was super nice. Friday night we went to Costa Vida, visited with some friends, made an appearance at a wedding reception, made air popped popcorn in our air popper that we had never used, watching Chasing Mavericks, and surprisingly stayed awake until about 11:30. Saturday we slept in which was absolutely wonderful. When we finally decided to get out of bed, we went to Sam's Club, went and saw The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, went to Costa Vida again, and then went home for a late, relaxing night. I watched Bride Wars while Brandon did homework, and once my movie was over I read until I fell asleep. Again, we were up until like 11:30! Sunday we went to church, I cleaned like a fiend, baked peanut butter bars, and prepped bbq chicken for dinner tonight.

I am on my fourth book since we bought our tablet a few weeks ago. I probably would have read more by now, but like I said earlier, I had a busy few weeks. I am loving it so much! But like four days after we bought it I started having second thoughts because, get this, I missed smelling the books I read. But I really do love Tabby (yes, we named her) so I went home that night and put my nose in an actual book for a good five minutes. Not to read or anything, just to smell. After I finish the book I am reading now Brandon and I are going to read The Great Gatsby in preparation for the movie. I am trying to talk his little brother into taking me as his date to the preview. Since Shawn still works there they get to watch the movie a few days early. And after The Great Gatsby I am reading Harry Potter again!! I love Harry Potter. I need my cousin Alyssa to come home so I can have someone to talk about it with again.

Sorry I write a novel every time I blog. I wish professors would just let me write about my life for papers. I could seriously fill so many more pages.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

I have to say, this past weekend was a lot better than I was expecting it to be! This medicine I have been on is killing my mood, so by 5:00 on Friday I was ready for the weekend. I was kind of grumpy, but a quick trip to Costa Vida fixed that right away! Plus we got to walk there because it was so nice outside, so that helped too. After Costa we walked around Shopko, our favorite thing to do, then went home to watch some movies. We had rented two movies that night, but I fell asleep during the first one, and we never got a chance to watch the second one, but that's okay!
Saturday morning I had to work at 9:00, but my friend asked me to model for her that day, so I was up on campus at 8:00 that morning! Nobody should ever have to be on campus at 8 am on a Saturday. Or at any time on a Saturday for that matter. I didn't have time to eat breakfast before modeling, so I asked Brandon if he would bring me some cereal when he came back up at 9:00. Brandon got to the library a little after I did, and I saw him walking up the stairs with a white bag and thought it was just cereal, but as he got closer I realized it was a bag from Burger King! He brought me french toast sticks and hashbrowns for breakfast!! He told me this was my Easter gift and honestly it was way better than any basket of candy would have been! That day at work was kind of long, because it was so nice outside and neither of us wanted to do any homework, so we mostly lounged around and talked all morning. work we went up to this parents' house to borrow the big red truck. We got this old treadmill a few months ago and I had only used it twice so we decided to finally take it to the D.I. Well whenever we borrow the truck Brandon always leaves the car keys for his parents just in case they need to move the car, but we always forget to take the keys when we are going to need to get back in our apartment. This time was no exception. We got back to the apartment, realized we had left the keys, and almost went back to get them, but I decided to run around and check the back door first. Well, it was locked, but then we realized that we left the guest bedroom window cracked. There is a little roof covering over the front doors of the apartments, and it just so happens that if one were to stand on the roof covering, they could reach the guest bedroom window. So we backed the big red truck up so the tailgate was practically touching our neighbor's front door, stood in the bed, and I cheerleader-hoisted Brandon up onto the roof. He got up, took out the screen, and after struggling to keep Sophie inside  was able to get inside the apartment. We loaded up the treadmill, grabbed extra keys, and were off! It was a pretty good adventure for the weekend, if I do say so.

We took the treadmill to the D.I., got some Aggie ice cream for lunch, then set up the hammock outside for a nap. Brandon fell asleep for a little bit, but I wasn't very tired so I went inside and cleaned up the apartment. I took down our winter curtains, cleaned the windows, took out the trash and even changed the air filter in Brandon's car! Then I made these peanut butter banana oatmeal bars, but I think I used too much banana because they are pretty mushy. We just kind of hung out the rest of the day until about 8:00, then we went to dinner with Brandon's family at the new Mongolian restaurant in town. It definitely wasn't as good as the Mongolian in Boise, but it was tasty nonetheless! After that we stopped to buy groceries for our Easter dinner, and by the time we got home it was 11:00 and we were tired! morning we woke up early and just hung out until I had to go to work. When I went downstairs after I got out of the shower I noticed our Easter gifts were sitting on the table, but all the plastic eggs were gone. I asked Brandon if he hid the eggs, and he had! So I got to go on a little Easter egg hunt of my own that morning and it was so great! He is seriously the best. We got the ham put in the crock pot and hoped that it wouldn't overcook by the time we got home. Luckily my six hour shift that day went much faster than the 4.5 hour shift the day before. I got more homework done, and I think Brandon did too, so that was nice. When we got home we made some potatoes, heated up the green beans and cherries, and sat down to the first Easter dinner either of us have ever cooked by ourselves! It was a lot of fun! Being able to cook the ham in the crockpot was super convenient, because we were all finished cooking, eating, and cleaning up by about 7:15 or so. After dinner I made peach cobbler, and Shawn came over to have some dessert with us. We watched a few episodes of the office, folded the laundry, then went to bed.
The next couple weeks are going to be pretty busy for both of us. We have five total weeks of school left, 3 real weeks, 1 dead week, and finals week. We both have quite a few assignments that are due this week and next week, but we are powering through! We cannot wait for summer, it can't come fast enough!