Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My wonderful new best friend, Sami Jo Shurtleff, told me about a giveaway she is doing via a blog called The Pretty Life Anonymous! To win, I have to publicize the giveaway and also Sami's photography page on Facebook, but there is no reason to not do that, because she is an amazing photographer! Brandon and I would love to get more professional pictures taken. We look pretty dang good together, if I do say so myself, so this would be a perfect opportunity!!

Monday, November 14, 2011


I am so proud of Brandon I could not wait to share this with everyone!! So Brandon started working at Campsaver in May, and got a raise after three months. Well, I am happy to share that after six months of hard work, he is now the Customer Service Manager!!! He has been working so hard lately to get a new system up and running for Campsaver and all his hard work has paid off!! That's really all I have to say, but I am just so happy for him! When he cares about something he really devotes himself to it, and that is going to get him far in life. He is just fantastic :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New addition to the family!!

Don't worry everyone, it's just a bed; not a baby :)
Brandon woke up this morning with the crazy idea to buy a bed, so we did! His little brother Shawn is staying with us while his parents are on a cruise (lucky) so this was basically the best time for us to finally buy a bed. I saw an ad on the ad board in the student center for a queen frame, box spring, and mattress for $175 or best offer, and pretty much if it wasn't available still I don't think we would have gotten the bed. But I called the lady this morning and asked if she would take $125 and she said yes! We went and checked out the bed, liked it, then loaded it up in the snow! We found a comforter set at Ross for a way good deal, and overall I am pretty pleased!!
Blogspot isn't really my friend right now...I just want to make comments about the pictures! Brandon had to test out the mattress...he liked it. The picture of us is how excited we are about the bed.
Lately we have been playing a card game called Monopoly Deal, and tonight Shawn wants to play the real version, but luckily he found a shorter version of it so we aren't playing all night long. Hope everything is going well with everyone, can't wait to see you all in about a week and a half!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

best decision ever.

Can you believe that Brandon and I would just be getting married on Friday? I sure can't. Moving the date of our wedding up was seriously the best decision we have ever made, other than deciding to get married in the first place of course :)
All is well in Logan. The weather is frigid but the snow isn't coming down really at all yet. I'm hoping it stays that way through Thanksgiving so the roads are good for us. We are getting excited to go to Idaho Falls again and see all the family! In the meantime, I am putting in forty hours at work and Brandon is hard at work trying to figure out Campsaver's new system for the holidays. During December he is going to be working the night shift which will leave me home alone for quite a few hours every night so crafting ideas and recipes you have are welcome! I will be so domestic by the end of Christmas will be proud.
In scholastic news I would like to brag to everyone that Brandon took two tests last week, one in math and one in economics, and got 96% on the math test and 90% on his economics test. We are both way proud.
Sophie is doing well, I know you all were concerned. We are thinking of taking her Idaho Falls during Thanksgiving time so she can meet the fam...thoughts? She really is a gem.
That's all for now. I'm about to head down to Woodruff Elementary for my lab. Today I am reading a book about aliens to children in grades K-2, then they get to draw their own book about outer space and aliens, so hopefully it goes well! Love you all, and have a great rest of the week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hey everyone, just thought I would post some pictures from the past few months! I don't have a drive on my work computer for my camera card, so thankfully we finally have internet and I can do it on my laptop!!
Here we are on our way to Boise
This is Sophie, she is getting so big!
Soph likes doing homework with dad. It's way tender.

Sorry it's sideways, but we have been training Sophie to stay off the counters, but she is still curious, so she has taken to climbing up us in order to see what we are doing. I wish i could have caught her mid climb sprawled across Brandon's back, it was hilarious!
This is us on the day we volunteered for the Trick or Treat Trot. We were smartie pants.