Thursday, January 17, 2013


I also forgot to mention that we booked a trip to Disneyland for Spring Break! We will be driving, which will save us a ton of money on gas, and I am stoked because I finally feel willing to splurge on a few Disney items I have been wanting every time we go! For example...

It has been a while...again

I figured I should give you all a quick little update since I haven't blogged for a while. School is back in full swing, and it's going to be a busy semester. Brandon currently has 5 classes and has assignments for his internship class to do (he is doing his internship at work), and I am taking 18 credits again. My classes this semester seem like they are going to be a bit more work, mostly because they are psychology classes, so it is something pretty new to me. Brandon is working just over 30 hours, and I am working about 29 hours, which is the least amount of hours I have worked since my second semester of freshman year. So needless to say we have been pretty busy these past two weeks!
Today after school Brandon and I have to go to the bank, then we have an interview for a girl's dissertation study, then we have to go to the grocery store, go to his parents house, go the library, and pack all before ten. It is going to be a busy afternoon! Tomorrow we are going to Boise! I am excited to see my fam, even though it has only been a month since we last saw them. We can't leave until after five because Brandon has to work all day, but at least we don't have school on Monday, so it will still be a decently long weekend.
We talked more about grad schools yesterday and I think we have it narrowed down to our top three: University of Georgia, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in that order. The longer is stays cold here the more excited we get to go somewhere warm!