Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just another Thursday...

I can't seem to focus on studying for my Spanish test, so rather than waste time on Facebook, I figured I should blog a bit. Everything is all the same around here, work and school. This week it was Brandon's turn to be suffocated by test papers, but he is still alive, so no worries. I had one test this morning and did pretty well. I asked Brandon to look at my score first, so he tricked me and told me I did poorly, but I got the 8th highest score in a class of 55, so I felt way good about it! I have a Spanish quiz tomorrow and then a Spanish test next week that I am dreading, but it should turn out okay.

Last weekend my family came down to visit and it was so much fun! They got here Friday night at about ten, and by that time we were all pretty tired. So we gave them a tour of our new apartment, and then we all hit the hay. Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast, then headed up to Brandon's family's cabin at Bear Lake. It was his parents' weekend for the cabin, but they couldn't make it so we had the cabin all to ourselves! We were seriously only three minutes away from the cabin when Sophie POOPED IN HER CRATE. It was not a fun experience. Luckily she didn't even step in it, or else the situation really would have been a disaster. We dropped off Sophie and all of our stuff at the cabin, then headed in town to Le Beau's to get a shake and go to the beach! My dad was so funny; I am pretty sure he didn't stop talking about how good his shake was all weekend. We hung out at the beach for about an hour, skipping rocks and playing in the kind of sand, just until the boys got bored. Once we got back to the cabin, we played a round of Monopoly Deal and had some lunch. After lunch, Adrian, Dad, and Brandon went shooting while Mom, Grandma, Anthony and I watched a movie and basically did nothing. It was so nice to just have time to relax! The boys got back and we watched the Utah State-Colorado State game for a while until we got hungry for dinner. After pizza, we sat in the hot tub for a while, played a round of 5 Crowns, had dessert and went to bed. Oh, I forgot about how much wildlife we saw that day! We saw a ton of deer, and also a turkey! Just a hen, but still. The only turkeys I have ever seen are the ones I end up eating....

Sunday morning Brandon and I accidentally slept in (oops) and woke up to a nice pancake breakfast being prepared by Mom and Grandma. Isn't it incredible how much better food always tastes when your mom is the one making it? My family wanted to be home around 5:00, so we left the cabin around 11:00 to make the drive back to Logan. Pretty much we got to the apartment and then my family left. It is always hard to leave them, or to see them go. Logan is only 4 hours away, but it is definitely not close enough for me!! Luckily, Adrian is coming down this weekend for the homecoming game, and then Brandon and I are going to Boise in about three weeks over fall break!

Other than Adrian coming down this weekend, more people are coming that I am excited to see! My old roommate Alycia, like me, loves dance parties. So Friday night, I am making Brandon go camping with James (okay, not really making, but I kinda told him that I wanted to have a sleepover so he should have an adventure), and Alycia is going to come up and go to the homecoming dance with me and Chelsea!! Brandon is not really one for dance parties, so I am excited to finally get to dance my little toosh off! Then back to our apartment for a good old fashioned sleepover! The next day, we have a nice reunion lunch planned for those of us that lived on the third floor of building D in the LLC. A couple of our good friends recently got back from their missions, so it will be really fun to see them! I am especially excited to see Sam! He is from Twin Falls and just got back like two weeks ago. I have been waiting to see this kid again since the day he left!

Saturday night Brandon will be home again, thankfully, and we are going to the homecoming game! Guys, we have more school spirit this year than ever before...what the heck. We have been to one game, watched two on tv, and today, we even bought special shirts for the homecoming game. We are so proud of ourselves! After the game we are planning on taking Adrian and his two friends to clean the sink at Angie's. Hopefully Adrian will actually be in the picture this time! I will try and post again next week or something....

To Alycia and my mom: If you just finished reading this, you probably have some time on your hands. I would appreciate it very much if you would go blog about something. Anything really would do.

Also, Brandon and I are buying an ice cream maker today. Remember how I have lost like 12 pounds? Yep, it's all about to go right out the window. And by out the window I mean back to my butt and hips. YAY!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012




 Now accepting donations towards another Florida vacation....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Quick little update.

It has been a crazy past few weeks, that is one thing I am sure of! In my last post I mentioned that I had added another class, but a few days after that post I added yet another class. That puts me at 18 credit hours (six classes), and about 32 hours of work. People think I'm crazy when I tell them how much I work, but really, working more is better for me because I get to do homework! This semester will probably kill me though. Today I am at school/work from 7-5, then I have a group project meeting from 6:30 until whenever we finish. Tomorrow school/work from 7:30 to 5:00, then I have to go to the Logan City Council meeting at 5:30, then hopefully have a study session for a test at 7:00. Wednesday I have school/work from 7:00 to 7:45. These first three days will be killer! Plus I have three tests this week. Boo school.

Luckily over the weekend Brandon and I both had some time to relax a bit. Friday night we went over to our friends Keaton and Cassidy's house and made homemade pizzas, then we went to Hastings and rented Akeelah and the Bee because I had to watch it for class. Saturday morning we were up bright and early because Brandon went biking with his dad and James for James' birthday celebration. I studied for a bit that morning, went to lunch with a friend, decorated our bookshelf, and hung out with Sophie for a bit. I couldn't quite figure out how to decorate the bookshelf, but somehow it ended up with an Autumn theme, and I bought a pumpkin spice candle that day too, so I guess you could say I am ready for October.

School is going well for Brandon. He is halfway done with one of his classes already! I think he is really enjoying his business classes this semester. He is finally in his major and so all of the classes are applicable to what he does at Campsaver.

My family is coming to Logan on Friday and I am so excited! We are going to Brandon's parents cabin with just my family and my grandma. I haven't actually been to the cabin in probably a year, so it will be nice to get out of town for a little bit and do a whole lot of nothing.

I thought I had more to write about, but it turns out that I don't. I have my first Spanish test today and I am just a little bit nervous for it, so I probably should go study. Other than my tests and my crazy nights, this week should be pretty tame, so maybe I will have more time to blog this week. Happy Monday!