Monday, December 14, 2015

This one's a biggie.


I thought I should get that out of the way before anyone makes false assumptions and gets more excited than they should. However, our news is still exciting!

Brandon has accepted a job in Salt Lake! He starts on January 11th, and is extremely excited for the opportunity! He will be doing data management, which maybe in itself doesn't sound super exciting, but he won't be working in customer service anymore, which is a really big deal!

My last day of work (tentatively) is January 29th, and then I will hopefully be able to go down to Salt Lake. I pushed my last day out a ways so we would have extra time that I could find a job, and also so that we can hopefully sell our house by then. It went on the market Thursday, and we have already had two people look at it, so we are feeling good about it so far!

We are sad to be leaving my family, Boise, and our house, and I am also sad about leaving my job, but we are excited for the adventure! And I am really happy that Brandon has found a job that seemed to fit his area of expertise and interest!

Once we find a place to live in Salt Lake (besides our temporary cardboard box in Pioneer Park with all the other homeless people), we'll have a housewarming party. Everyone's invited!