Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall is here?!

I was pretty accurate in my last post in saying that it would be about two months until the next post. This time the lack of posting isn't because we haven't done plenty of fun things, it's more because we have been way too busy having fun! Seriously, life has been so nice without having to worry about homework and tests, sometime we don't even know what to do with ourselves! I'll back up a bit and do a quick recap of life the last six weeks or so.

At the end of August I started my new job. I haven't been this happy with a job since I worked at the movie theater (I loved my internship at Sky View this much too, but that doesn't really count as a job). Brandon just keeps telling me how happy he is that I am so happy. I made him a cake on Friday just for fun, and apparently that's a big deal and shows just how happy I am. But seriously, I look forward to going to work every day, love the eight hours I spend at school, and go home in the best mood full of happy stories to share. I always swore I would never work in a middle school, but I'm so glad I didn't write this job off before even applying for it. The kids are hilarious, and the staff here is awesome too. I am the youngest staff member here, and there are only like three people here who are close to my age, and they are all guys. There are a few people I really click with, but making friends is a slow process. So in other words, we still don't have friends here, but at least I'm happy with my job!

Microsoft is still going well for Brandon. Hours are going to start picking up here in the next month or so with all the holiday shoppers, so that is both good and bad. Bad because that means less time together, but good because money and more time I can spend at the mall visiting him/shopping. He is also still doing work for Campsaver, but that is starting to wind down a bit more. He used to do his Campsaver work when he had days off at Microsoft, but now that the work is dwindling he has more time to just hang out at home. Rather just than playing Xbox the whole time (though there's plenty of that going on) the kid cleans, runs errands, and pretty much does anything that I would do to keep the house clean after work just so we have time to hang out. I appreciate him so dang much, especially lately, for some reason (hence the cake).

A few random things:

-Some of you might have seen the pictures we posted the weekend before Labor Day of our quick trip to San Diego. Our anniversary was on August 20th, and every year we have been married so far we always take a trip for our anniversary. This year, we hadn't planned one, but the Friday after our third anniversary we decided to do something we never do and be spontaneous. So Friday night at 8 pm we booked a trip to San Diego. We left Saturday after Brandon got off work, spent Sunday and part of Monday exploring, then came home Monday afternoon. It was a super quick trip, but so much fun! We went to Sea World, the beach, a place called Seaport Village, and even got sunburned, which is all I really wanted.

-We found some kitties and their mama in a field next to our apartment about a month ago. When the found them the mom was super underfed and most likely not able to feed her kitties, so we have been feeding them ever since. They are getting more comfortable with us, and we are hoping to catch them this week and take them to a family we found that wants. Brandon's manager is taking one kitten, and his neighbors (farmers) are taking the rest of the kitties and the mom! I will miss them when they are gone. This morning Brandon tried to convince me to bring them all to our house to get them out of the rain but I (for once) was the logical one and told him no.

-At the beginning of August I asked Brandon if we could watch lots of football this season. Then, and especially now every single time we watch a game he tells me I've changed and asks what is wrong with me. But he hasn't let me down! My youngest brother plays on the JV team for his high school so we go to those games every week and it's awesome. I have never been so into a football game as I get at his. There are times when I'm jumping up and down screaming "that's my brother!" and I love it. I also have gotten to spend time with his cute girlfriend before and during the games. She hangs out at my parents house before the games so we usually spend our time watching TLC and talking about girl things. Anyway! In addition to Adrian's games, we always watch the Boise State games on Saturdays, and even went to the homecoming game last weekend. We watch the Utah State games when they are on tv, and we generally watch the Denver Broncos games with my fam on Sundays. Seriously guys, so much football.

-Blake Shelton came to town on Thursday so we finally were able to put the tickets I bought back in May to good use. Dan+Shay (my faves) and The Band Perry opened for him, and it was an amazing show. After the concert we got to meet Dan and Shay (swoon), and while it was wonderful, it was nothing compared to meeting Cassadee Pope. It was a super late night, and I had been sick all week, so Friday was a bit rough, but totally worth it.

-This isn't anything exciting, but the awkward slump of no good movies coming out is finally coming to an end! Our Tuesday movie tradition has had to slow down a bit due to lack of good movies, but we're making up for it!! We have seen three movies in the last nine days, so yeah, I'm a happy girl.

-Also, it was dreary and cold here this weekend. Not super cold, but 65 degrees, so it's officially fall here in Boise! I miss summer much already, but I'm not going to lie, I have been looking forward to wearing my leggings and long socks since April, so I'm okay with this.

-Last thing, I bought a piano! I have been trying to teach myself a few things, but it is slow going. I had one lesson with a guy who taught my brother guitar, but it didn't work out. I have my first lesson with a different guy tomorrow, and he is the orchestra teacher here at Lewis and Clark, so it works out nicely. I have always wanted to learn to play the piano, and it will be helpful when I write songs to be able to write the music in addition to the lyrics! Don't worry, when I'm famous I won't forget any of you.