Monday, May 19, 2014

Finally an update.

You're all going to think I'm crazy for saying this, but after two months I finally feel like things are slowing down and we are getting into a routine. I think we finally feel settled, and that is only going to improve within the next five weeks or so. So here's what happened since the big move. We moved up here for a job for me as an advisor for an online high school. The Saturday before we finally were up in Boise for good, I got offered a different job with more hours, but I was able to start the exact same day as I was supposed to start my other job. So I am a receptionist at a counseling office, and its a pretty good job! They have had me do some of the billing and insurance side of the job (and when I say some I mean all), and that is something that I had no experience with going into the position. Luckily, they have been super impressed with me. I feel like I have been kicking butt the last few weeks doing things I have never done before, so that is super great!

When we moved up here, Brandon didn't have a job yet. He had put in his two weeks at CampSaver, and was just going to move up here with me and find a job super quick. Right before we moved though, the guy who was supposed to take Brandon's place at campsaver put in his two weeks as well, so the management there asked Brandon if he would continue fulfilling the duties of his position until they found someone to take the position. Well luck was seriously on our side, because Brandon didn't find a job for six weeks. I feel bad for kids our age entering the work force alongside us because the job market sucks. He finally found a job, a great job for him too, but it wasn't without its drama of course. Most of you who will actually read this probably already know the story, but I'll share it anyway.

So Brandon had applied for a position as the Assistant Store Manager for a Microsoft store that was opening here. He went through the entire interview process, and got called and offered the job. Needless to say, we were thrilled. We went and put down a tiny deposit on a lot so we could build the house of our dreams, and basically just got super excited about a lot of things. It was full time salary with benefits, so there was a lot to be excited about. Well a week passed and he hadn't heard anything else about the job, so on Easter he called the lady who had offered him the job, and she said that everyone they had hired for management in Boise was already on their way to training. Long story short, there were two Brandons that applied for the position. One got the phone call offer, one got the official email offer. In the end though, my Brandon ended up getting a position at the store as a Product Advisor, so all is well still. He loves his job, and it is the perfect tech-nerd position for him to be in. Seriously, I went and stood in line at the grand opening for a bit and could see that he was in heaven being able to talk to people about technology all day.

We are still currently living with my parents, but last week we signed a lease for an apartment. We decided to forgo the house, because with the full-time position not working out here, we feel like maybe we just aren't meant to be in Boise for a long time. I'm still holding out for Southport :) We move into our apartment on June 20th and are super excited about it! We will be living right next to this big outdoor food/shopping/entertainment complex in Meridian, and we are stoked to be able to walk over there all the time.

Brandon turned the big 26 a few weeks ago. 26 may not seem like a big birthday, but we consider it a milestone as he had to get his own insurance for a few months until his benefits kick in.

We finally made friends last week! The other Brandon that works for Microsoft is married and about our age, so we hang out with him and his wife and another kid that works at Microsoft. I love my family, but it has been so nice to hang out with people our own age!

We made friends right after I spent probably the best weekend ever with my girlfriends in Salt Lake/ Las Vegas. I flew down to SLC Thursday night and hung out with Alycia, Chelsea, and Jennika, and then in the morning Alycia, Chelsea, and I made out way down to Vegas for the weekend. The weekend was full of dancing, girl talk, and all the best things that happen when I'm with those two. We weren't even all the way home yet and were already talking about planning another trip down there. I love Vegas. I don't even think I can say that enough times and trust me, I have said it a ton.

Last week I sent in some pictures hoping for a role in a new Nicholas Sparks movie. Non-speaking roles obviously, since I have never acted before, but I have always wanted to, so I thought this would be an okay start.

Candis, Brandon's brother's ex-girlfriend, came to Boise this weekend with her sister and bro-in-law and I got to spend some much needed quality time with her. I'm still trying to convince her to move to Boise. So Candis, if you're reading this, just remember how much fun we had :)

My oldest baby bro, Anthony, graduates from high school on the 31st and I can't even believe it. I feel so old. Brandon and I had to skip out graduation ceremony because he had to go to training in Denver for Microsoft, but I am excited to watch my bro walk across the stage!

This was a long post, but I feel like there is nothing really exciting happening over here! Hope everyone is doing well! Here's some pictures.