Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm so bad at blogging.

You would think that between just 35 hours of work and Brandon working most of the weekend that I would be able to find time to give a small update of our lives more frequently than every other month. The truth is though, there just really isn't anything to talk about. Not a lot that I don't feel like people don't already know. The people who do read this blog probably already know everything!

In June we went down to Logan to go to Brandon's brother's wedding. It was a super special day, especially since I finally have a sister-in-law, and let me tell you, she's the best. 

We moved into our apartment towards the end of June and it is magical. We live pretty close to my parents still, the location is prime so we couldn't turn it down. We live right next to this shopping center that has stores, restaurants, a movie theater, and live entertainment at least three days out of the week.  It's basically the best. We walk over there all the time just for something to do.

Brandon went to Seattle a few weeks ago to work at a Microsoft conference called TechReady. They had product advisors (that's what his position is) from a few different states go and work at a store in the middle of the conference so they could show and sell product to all the tech people that were there. He was there for about five days, and had a good time! It was a great opportunity for him to get to network with people outside of his store. Hopefully he made some good connections that will help us out when we are ready to move!

I start a new job on Tuesday next week! I was offered the position at the end of May, but haven't really told many people about it. Turns out when you are an adult, one job is basically the same as another, at least that's how it feels until you actually get into it. I will be working as a library assistant in a middle school here, and am super excited about it! I had such a great experience at Sky View last fall that I am 100% looking forward to being back in a school and working with the kids. The staff seems great too, which always makes thing easier. The principal at the school was my vice principal when I was in eighth grade, so that's fun! I will still be working at my current job for a while. They haven't hired someone to take my spot yet, so I will have to come in and catch up on things and train for a few weeks after I start the new job. They also asked me to stick around and take care of insurance payments and billing, so that will be nice! (some people are confused at my job. originally we moved here so i could be an advisor at an online school, but i was offered a receptionist position in a counseling office three days before i was supposed to start the advising position and i accepted).

Something else that some people might not know is that Brandon and I chose not to attend grad school this year. He turned it down because he wants to gain work experience for a few years, and I turned down my program because it is a three year program and I don't want to lock into anything when we most likely will be moving soon. Because Brandon didn't get the full-time position he originally applied for with Microsoft, it didn't make sense for me to start school when he will be applying for positions elsewhere very soon. Our apartment lease ends January 31, so Brandon intends to start applying for jobs in November. It's scary and exciting all at the same time to think that we could be somewhere new by this time next year, or even in less than a year from when we moved here.

I think we are settled for the most part, but I'm still having a hard time with the whole no friends thing. I was brave enough to ask some girls from high school to go to dinner, and lucky enough that they said yes, but I'm still just the awkward married friend. I have definitely been missing our friends from Logan lately, so if any of you are reading this just know that we have a living room floor that is available for short or long (or indefinite) periods of time.

Especially you, Alyssa and Jake, this whole long distance dating thing is getting out of hand.

That's really about it for now. Probably for the next two months actually haha. Summer is winding down, and we are excited for the changes that the fall and winter might bring!