Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I feel like I should follow everyone else and write a year in review blog post, but I just reread all the blog posts from this year, and between school and work our lives really just weren't that exciting. Here's to hoping 2014 will be a more eventful year.

In January Brandon and I officially started our last year of college. We were both super busy and taking a lot of classes, which really is the story of our lives. At this point in time we were for sure planning to movie to North Carolina for grad school.

February. The most exciting thing this month was Valentines Day when I was spoiled rotten. Safe Haven, Costa, and treats galore!!

March was a fairly great month. I turned 22 (bleh) and we went to Disneyland! I was kind of sick the entire trip, so my blog posts from then made it sound like I didn't enjoy the trip, but looking back on it I sure did!

Nothing exciting happened in April. It came, and it went. We made our own Easter dinner for the first time ever, but that's about it!

In May Brandon turned a quarter of a century old, and received a scholarship all in the same day! We spent our afternoons eating sno cones and laying out in the sun, and started a weekly tradition of going to the Farmer's Market every Saturday. We also planned our vacation to the southeast!

June and July were filled mostly with work, but also a ton of fun. We worked from 7-3 every day, spent the afternoons outside, and spent our nights going on runs. Running with Brandon is one of my favorite things, because we just talk the entire time. Over the summer we talked mostly about the future, and it's fun to think that the future is finally here!

August was a very busy month!  We went on our vacation to Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, and it was one of the greatest things of my entire life. I fell in love with so many different places we visited, and can't wait to go back or even move there someday. On that trip, we decided that moving across the country may not be the best move for us at this point, and that Boise State was the best decision. It broke my heart, but I know it will be a good choice in the end.  We also started our final semester at Utah State. Brandon took on a heavy load with his classes, and I started my internship in the counseling office at Sky View. Seriously, best experience of my life.

September, October, and November were just filled with school, grad school applications, and planning for the future.  We spent Thanksgiving here in Logan and had a great time with Brandon's side of the family!

December was a bittersweet month. We both finished out the semester with a 4.0 gpa, and graduated with a major and two minors each. My internship at Sky View ended, something that still makes me sad every single day. I started a full time position at the library. The first weekend in December we went to Boise for Brandon's interview for the MBA program at Boise State, and five days later he got his acceptance email. We will be moving to Boise sometime within the next eight months!

Quite honestly, the future freaks me out. I'm not sure how ready I am for 2014 and all the changes it will bring, but as Brandon's favorite quote from Meet the Robinsons says: "Keep moving forward."