Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doomsday is coming quickly...

So Thursday I have to get my wisdom teeth out and get a tissue graft. All at the same time. Super sucky huh? I am staying pretty well composed but I can't lie, I am freaking out. Not excited. Send positive thoughts my way please. Thanks!

Nothing is new here. It's summer, it's warm outside, but I am stuck inside from seven to three every day and then am alone and bored from three to six. Normally Brandon would only need to be working until four, but he is taking time off to take care of me after my oral surgery and is trying to cram all his hours in before then. I don't know what I am going to do with myself once he starts school again. He will be working until six every single day for eight weeks. EIGHT WEEKS PEOPLE. I need a swimming pool or something to occupy my time. You would think that after being married for almost nine months I would get tired of him or something, but I don't. It seems like I can never get enough quality time with my man. I wish we could not work or go to school and just vacation all the time and eat exotic foods and explore the world. (Don't we all, though, right?)

We are planning to go to Boise for Memorial weekend. My brothers will have just finished school so it will be a weekend to party! We are hoping it will be warm enough to go boating, but I mostly am just excited to check out the progress on my parent's house! Brandon and I have to lay claim to our bedroom quick before anyone else does! 

This weekend we are planning on laying around and watching movies. My friend Stephanie from high school is coming to Logan for a wedding so she is going to stay at our little apartment Saturday night. I suppose I should probably clean the house tomorrow, given that I won't want to do it this weekend...

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday Day!!

Today is a good day to celebrate guys. Not only is it Star Wars day, but today marks the 24th anniversary of my sweet husband's birth; a day that I am grateful for with every bone in my body. Brandon Keith Robbins was and is a great little gift to the world! We started off birthday day by me going to school at 7:00 to take a final. Not the greatest way to start the day, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.After that, I came home and woke Brandon up so he could open his present! I got him The Muppets movie. I made him chocolate chip mickey waffles for breakfast, and we ate them while we watched the movie. He let me take a little nap during the movie, then afterwards it was work time. Happy birthday to him though, he only could work for five hours today! So he will get off work at four, and I am off work at five! We are going out to dinner with his family, then having a fire with some friends later tonight. It has already been a great day, and I am sure tonight will be even more fun!

Happy birthday to this handsome man.