Tuesday, March 31, 2015

happy list

Right when I started thinking about this post, I remembered that once during senior year in high school, I made a happy list. The list was a whole page, front and back, written not in bullet points, but continuously on the page so that every single line was filled across the entire page. Granted, probably a good sixth of the things on the list were food items, but still, that's a lot of things that make me happy. Sometimes it's ridiculous how excited I get about things. Like when we went to Pizza Pie a few weeks ago, Brandon just kept laughing at me because I was so happy. Or when we were fridge shopping on Sunday and I just kept talking romantically about how this is our first fridge we will own. One of the guys I work with introduced me to his buddy as the resident spaz, but I don't think he meant it in a bad way (correct me if I'm wrong here, Catic). I don't think it's a bad thing that the little things in life make me happy. Sometimes I wonder, though, if my bright, positive outlook on life gives people the wrong impression or makes them think that I'm not adult enough or qualified enough to do things. I plan on applying for a different position within the school I work at, but I feel like many people (the ones who don't actually matter when it comes to applying and interviewing and all that) will think I'm way out of my league, only because I have a smile plastered to my face 95% of the day. They aren't related things, but this has just been on my mind the past few days. I didn't mean to turn this into a ranting post...so onto the happy things!

-First and foremost, Brandon was offered and accepted a job last week! After many months of searching and applying for hundreds of job (literally), he was offered a job that is going to be perfect for him. He starts on April 13th and is so excited!

-When he got the call about the job, we were just sitting on the living in our soon-to-be home. It was magic.

-We close on our house exactly five weeks from today. It is killing me to not be able to start packing yet. I'm ready to move!

-Last night we felt super grown up because we made the responsible adult decision to save money by buying brownies and ice cream instead of going to Coldstone, and I thought it was hilarious.

-Tomorrow night is the Dan + Shay concert! I bought our tickets a few months ago and have been (im)patiently waiting for it!

-I got a sunburn over the weekend. Ffity points to the sun for shining and the weather for being so nice over the last part of spring break!

-They set up a game at school where we match the staff's pets to their owners, and the pictures are hanging in the break room. Every time I'm in there with someone I know well I ask if they want to see a picture of my children and I think it's so funny. No wonder I've been dubbed the resident spaz.

Friday, March 20, 2015

happy things this week

-First and foremost, today is the last day of school before spring break. A whole week of sleeping in, eating whatever/whenever I want, catching up on my shows, and lounging around with the kitties just sounds dreamy.

-Mortgage rates are dropping, and we haven't locked into a rate yet.

-We are starting to feel slightly less discouraged about the job market.

-I was informed yesterday by my mom that there is a Pizza Pie Café downtown, and discovered that it just opened this week! We have talked so many times in the past year about how Brandon craves their salad and how much we miss our mid-week dinners there. We made it through our first year in Boise, and we were given the gift of Pizza Pie.

-On the same note, we get to eat at Pizza Pie Café tonight for the first time since June or October (I can't remember) and are ecstatic

-We saw Insurgent last night and it was so good. Brandon started listening to the book on Wednesday and has almost finished it, but he didn't like the movie as much because it was pretty different from the book. It was still incredible though.

-Not sure if I have mentioned this, but we bought a house this week and I am absolutely over the moon about it.

-Today is the first day of spring and the sun is shining, and you can't get much better than that.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

our first great leap into adulthood

Brandon and I had talked about buying a house since before we even graduated college. The plan was to graduate, move to Boise, buy a house, and start grad school. We knew we would have to live with my parents for a little while regardless of the plan, but during that time we both decided to not go to grad school and just get full time jobs instead. We were so excited when Brandon was offered a full-time position at Microsoft that we jumped the gun and put down money to build a house. After the whole mix-up happened, we were devastated (but luckily got all our money back). We were ready to become adults and own a house and start our adult lives, but it all got put on pause, and we found an apartment to rent instead.

We signed a seven month lease (we asked for nine, they said the best they could do was seven...who knows), and thought that by the end of the lease, Brandon would have a full-time job, and we would be making enough money to afford the house we had initially wanted. The job market, however, had other ideas. January 1st rolled around, and there was still no full time job prospect in sight. Our lease ended February 1st, so we decided to just sign another contract, and hope and pray that something would work out in those next few months.

We had been told by so many people that closing on a house can takes up to 2 months, so we had decided to start looking now, so we could put in an offer around the beginning of May and be out of our apartment by July 1st when the lease ended. Honestly, I have been continuously looking at houses since we have been in Boise, but it was time to get serious. We had been looking online and driving around to look at houses since we got back from our vacation in December, and just kept getting so discouraged. Any house that was the size we wanted and no more than 10 years old was just too expensive. We started to feel like the world didn't actually want us to be adults.

Fast forward to the past two weekends. We found a neighborhood further away from the heart of Meridian than we had originally been looking at. Brand new construction, starter homes of the size we were hoping for, and definitely in our price range. Two weekends ago we found one that we liked, but the day we called to set up a showing they told us that someone had put in an offer the day before. Everyone said "it just wasn't the right one, the right one will come along when it's supposed to." This past weekend, we went back out to the neighborhood to look at another house right next to the other one, and we fell in love. This was the first time we had been inside of it, and it was perfect! The realtor that took us out there said it would go quickly, and that the same house couldn't be replicated for the same low price. After a day of consideration and double checking my calculations to make sure we could afford it (I couldn't believe how well it fell into our price range, I'm obsessed with it), we put in an offer.

Last night the house officially became ours, as we signed the final documents. We pushed out the closing date as far as possible, and landed on May 5th.  We are so excited to finally be making progress in the adult world, and I'm just happy that life didn't let me down after getting my hopes up so high. Less than fifty days and we will officially be home owners!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday sap.

We ventured down to Logan over our three day weekend so spend some much needed time with Brandon's family and our friends. It was so nice to see everyone and interact with people our own age for a change, and spend time catching up with Brandon's parents and siblings.

Brandon's family tried to make this weekend my birthday celebration weekend, and they did a pretty great job! We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, followed by Big Hero 6, candy, and brownies. The next morning we all went to The Creperie for breakfast and it was amazing! Afterward we played Heads Up, and it was hilarious. It took a little bit for everyone to warm up and be comfortable being crazy, but by the end we had James jumping over imaginary hurdles, and Caroline and I tag-team charading the words. Brandon's mom made me a ginormous quilt for my birthday too. She told me it would probably take her a few weeks to finish, but she, Caroline, and Candis busted it out in less than a whole day! I am in love with it.

On Saturday we went to lunch with the same friends that we went to Florida with. We love that any time we spend together just never seems like enough. It is seriously always that way. We saw them Thursday night for fifteen minutes, and it about killed us to leave. We spent 3 hours with them at lunch, and even then we could have kept talking for hours. Brandon has this coming weekend off, so we invited them up to Boise and they said yes without hesitation!! We are looking forward to a fun weekend with them, and probably will end up holding them captive so they can't leave.

That same night I went to dinner with my friends (I don't think I will be hungry for the next week, all I did this weekend was eat). It was fun to catch up with the three of them; I feel like so much has changed in the last six months! We ate, laughed, and gave the waiter a hard time about the milkshake machine being broken. It's always hard to say goodbye to my friends, but I know we will for sure be seeing each other at Chelsea's wedding! Let's not wait until then though, okay guys?

I love Boise, and it's always kind of hard for me to go back to Logan, but there are a lot of people I love down there that make the trip a little bit easier. I'm thankful for Brandon's family for making me feel like a part of their family, and for my sisters-in-law who seriously could not be any cooler. I love all our couple friends, who always make me laugh and who make our marriage an adventure to be shared. I'm thankful for my friends, who have loved me at my worst and supported me through hard times, and never fail to be there when I need them the most.

I'm only a little bit sorry for the sappiness, because when life gets hard and I feel a little lonely, I get a strong reminder that there are people that love me, and that I get the privilege to love them back.