Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bloggy blog.

I haven't blogged for a while, and I had a request for details about our upcoming vacation, so I figured that was a good enough reason to blog! Summer has been amazing so far. Last week was our first week without classes but let me tell you, it was pure bliss. Brandon and I both worked from 7-3 every day, and had so much time to hang out after work every day. We went and got sno cones, watched movies, played outside, and basically just enjoyed each other's company. Friday we both got off work around 2:00 and went to Lowe's and bought patio chairs. That afternoon we sat outside and read for a while, then had his brother James and his girlfriend Candis over for a barbecue. That night it really felt like summer. They came over around 6:30 but we sat around and chatted while we waited for the burgers to cook, and it really was just a good time. The weather was so perfect, and has been ever since. It has been pretty warm in the mornings, so warm that I just want to play outside at six a.m., and around 9:00 at night it cools off and we go running! Yesterday we both got off work around 1:00 and took some lunch to a park, then went and got sno cones. When we got home we laid outside for two whole hours!

In those two hours (and yes, it took us a whole two hours) we booked our flight for our upcoming vacation! I know what you're thinking (especially you, Alycia) "But Caitlin, you and Brandon take so many vacations. Didn't you just take a vacation to Disneyland?" This trip is mostly academic. We are taking the trip to tour the University of Georgia and University of North Carolina at Charlotte to make sure we like the campus and the university itself. We also are planning to look at the surrounding areas so that when the time comes we can find an apartment in a nice area that we both like.

We will be flying into Atlanta on Friday July 26th, and spending Saturday and Sunday there. We will probably visit the zoo, the aquarium, Coke World, and we bought tickets for a Braves game yesterday! Monday morning we are going to drive to Athens, which is where University of Georgia is. We will spend the day touring the campus and playing around town, then that night we are driving to Charleston, South Carolina. We will spend the following day in Charleston, then drive to Myrtle Beach that night. We are going to spend the entire next day playing on the beach, and will spend the night in Myrtle Beach again. The next few days are my favorite. We will wake up the next morning and drive an hour and a half up the coast to Southport, North Carolina. For those of you who like Nicholas Sparks books/movies, this is where Safe Haven was filmed (and I love Julianne Hough so of course we have to go there). We will spend a few hours exploring the town and seeing the sights, then we are going to continue on to Wilmington, which is where we will spend the that night. Yesterday when I was looking around at vacation stuff I found this beach which is super popular, but since I don't live over there I had never heard of it. I found some pictures of it online though, and I absolutely cannot wait to go to it! It is called Wrightsville Beach and it is just 20 minutes away from Wilmington, so we will probably spend a lot of time there after we go to Southport.

They offer Harbor Cruises at the beach, and we might end up taking one! They have a sunset cruise that I think would be so much fun!

The next morning we will wake up and drive to Charlotte and spend the next two or three days there. I don't really know how many days we will be there because we just added our night in Wilmington yesterday. We will tour UNCC one day while we are there, and mostly just spend time exploring Charlotte to make sure we want to live there. Pretty much I know we will want to, but better safe than sorry right? I wanted to spend a night in Savannah after we toured UGA, but sometimes you just have to have some self control right? Plus we will need some places to explore when we move over there!

There are 72 days left until we leave and I don't think time will go fast enough. I told my mom yesterday that if I don't come back, she shouldn't be offended. It's not anything about my life that I don't like, but looking at those pictures I can bet you wouldn't want to come back either.