Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New blog.

For those of you who don't have Facebook or Instagram, I thought I would post this information here. I have a new blog! Blogging is something that I have always loved doing, so I thought it was time that I put a little more stock into the appearance and namesake of the blog. The new blog can be found here. Brandon came up with the name, Freckle Eye Fancy. I follow a blog titled Barefoot Blonde, so he took a similar idea and applied to it to me, because of the freckles in my eyes. It's laughable though, because I'm definitely the opposite of fancy.

Anyway, the blog will be the same as this one, just with more posts about more things, and it looks prettier too! For family that gets emails every time I post, there is a spot on the homepage where you can subscribe for updates, so it will send you an email every time I post something!

Be sure to check it out so you don't miss anything!

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